Parents complete the Enrollment Form and Admissions Agreement and return it with the non-refundable registration fees.  Payment by checks should be made out to First Lutheran Church.


There is a yearly school supply fee of $150 per year paid with registration fees.  In the summer the school provides a variety of on-campus activities and events for the months of July and August there is a required fee of $50 per month. 


Additionally the state requires that each student have an Earthquake Meal Kit that is $15 and provided by the school.  



Admissions will determine availability based on your proposed start date.  Attendance may begin at any time based on availability.  If there is not availability for your desired start date, your family can be placed on a wait-list and/or you may enroll for the next available opening.



You will receive a packet of admissions forms required for attendance at preschool.  The following forms must be properly filled out prior to your child beginning preschool at SONshine House Preschool:

  1. Enrollment Form

  2. Admission Agreement

  3. Identification & Emergency Information (LIC 700)

  4. Consent for Medical Treatment (LIC 627)

  5. Child’s Health History – Parent Report (LIC 702)

  6. Physician Report (LIC 701)

  7. TB Clearance

  8. Blue Immunization Records Card (PM 286)

  9. Copy of current immunization records (yellow card)

  10. Notification of Parent’s Rights (LIC 995)

  11. Personal Rights (LIC 613A)

  12. Earthquake Readiness Supplies (see list)

  13. Acknowledgement of receipt of Parent Handbook



PRESCHOOL/PR-K/TK ages 2 ½ to 6 years potty trained


5 full days            $795 per month               annual $7,950.00 (10 months)

4 full days            $745 per month               annual $7,450.00 (10 months)

3 full days            $695 per month               annual $6,950.00 (10 months)


5 half days          $595 per month               annual $5,950.00 (10 months)

4 half days          $495 per month              annual $4,950.00 (10 months)

3 half days          $395 per month               annual $3, 950.00 (10 months)

(Toddler Half Days add an additional $50 potty training fee)

Toddler Program ages 2-3 years or not potty trained

5 full days            $810 per month              annual $8,100.oo (10 months)



Registration Fee


$100 for returning students


Annual Supply fee



Earthquake Preparedness Kit



Lunch Meals $3.50 each


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